Times are tough but you want to visit Jamaica. Here are some quick tips for saving money on a trip to Jamaica.
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Tough times does not mean you have to travel cheap. Jamaica has some superb values. The key is to travel smart.

Set A Budget – The first thing to do is to figure out the maximum you are willing to spend. Once you know your max stick with it.

Prioritize – Figure out what is important for your visit to Jamaica. Write down what you want to do and prioritize them.

Live Like The Locals – Eat simple foods and stay away from the tourist restaurants. Ask about the local restaurants that serve good food.

Travel Smart – Don’t go down when there are hot festivals and events when prices are high. Try to travel during the slowest month’s, September & October.

Pre-Pay – Some pre-pay hotel & travel services can be cheaper. Buy pre-paid calling cards to make calls. This way you limit how much you spend.

Public Transportation – If you don’t mind being a little uncomfortable, use pubic transportation. The buses may be tightly packed but it is cheaper.

Use Creativity – Volunteer Opportunties and Student Travel are available to Jamaica & is a good way to see the country & interact with the people.

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