Vegan Jamaican Restaurant Moves to Brick-and-Mortar Venue in Eatonville, Florida

Vegan Jamaican Restaurant Moves to Brick-and-Mortar Venue in Eatonville Florida

DaJen Eats Cafe & Creamery, a popular vegan Jamaican restaurant, is moving into a new brick-and-mortar space in Eatonville, Florida. The move was announced via Instagram post that shared its origin story. The restaurant began as a vegan café in a gas station. The founders wanted to show the public that “getting delicious vegan food can be as ordinary/mundane as pumping gas.” The eatery opened in an underserved community to prove the point that “anyone can be vegan,” as well as how “relatable” the vegan lifestyle is. Now the restaurant will move just three miles from its original location, but according to the founders, they will continue to work hard to improve on the community ambiance of the café. They are looking forward to becoming part of their new community and believe they have much to contribute to Eatonville. DaJen Eats is focused on “food, fun and compassionate living,” according to its website. It offers a variety of vegan comfort food, such as home-made coconut milk ice cream in several flavors including Red Velvet Cheesecake and Rum Raisin. It also offers Honey Ginger Chipotle Cauliflower Bites, Jamaican Jerk BBQ Jackfruit Sliders, Hill & Gully Ride Eggplant Slide, and the Looney “Toona” Sammich. Its Irie On the Go provides lunch delivery service and catering. The restaurant’s founder and CEO, Jenn, operates a vegan culinary academy in addition to the restaurant business and helps her students find “exciting flavors in delicious vegan recipes with a Jamaican flair.” Jenn grew up in Jamaican and moved to the United States at the age of 16. She began cooking in college. Jenn describes how she was attracted to vegan cuisine and the vegan lifestyle during her studies in food science. She also became a vegan to live a more compassionate lifestyle where “human and non-human animals are treated fairly.”

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