Vibrant Celebration of Caribbean Culture Takes Over Toronto’s Streets at Caribana Grand Street Parade

Toronto’s streets were filled with colorful decorations, rhythmic dancing, and music as people joined the Grand Parade of the Caribana Caribbean Carnival. The grand procession, an annual tradition, commenced in the early hours of 4 August 2023 at Exhibition Place Grounds, making its way along Lakeshore Boulevard. This year’s event theme centered around the idea of “Once upon a time.” Growing in magnitude each summer, this yearly festivity serves as a joyful tribute to freedom and the valuable cultural contributions of Afro-Caribbean individuals. Ashlyn Dawson, a key organizer for the event, emphasized how Toronto benefits greatly from the cultural wealth of the Caribbean community. The historical backdrop holds immense significance, as Carnival’s origins are intertwined with the legacy of slavery, imbuing it with profound layers of significance. For Dawson, the core essence involves safeguarding their history, culture, and ancestral heritage.

Photo highlights of 2023 Caribana Carnival Festivities


Photo – Mark Delfose

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