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Jamaicans visiting Jamaica

When you visit Jamaica it is important to give the impression that your life is great even though you work 70 hours a week at your first job and 22 hours a week on your second job (keep in mind there 168 hours in a week). To accomplish this feat one must stretch the truth a bit. Since most of your friends and relatives from Jamaica visit once every 5 years, if the visa permits, no one will ever know.

On arrival complain about the heat and how you are able to run your air condition unit all year round. If you drive a Toyota say that in the U.S. you drive a Lexus (same company, right). After saving for this trip you can afford to spend big. Buy everyone a roast corn and manish water on the way to Ocho Rios, buy cook food every day, rent an expensive car and most important always pay in U.S. currency. Remember the key is to showcase a lifestyle you don’t have.

One may ask, why is it important to give this impression ? Jamaicans in Jamaica think the U.S.A. is the country where everyone is rich. Many aspire to come here and live the luxourious life they perceive everyone else has. It would be rude to burst the bubble of many Jamaicans who are going to move here and get the shock of their life. The impression you leave will be imprinted in thier minds. Imagine your relatives saying this when they get back to Jamaica “Bigga really mek it big ina Miami”;”Junior sey im house bigger than Devon House”;”Puncey say she jus buy a cris new Lexus”. The greatness about it all is they will brag about this and more, while you are here living the immigrants “American Dream”. A paycheck away from being homeless or moving back home, to Jamaica.

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