Walk good, John!

Since hearing of John Maxwell’s death I’ve read the many many tributes celebrating his life and work.

I never met him personally.  I would from time to time send him emails re his articles.  I knew he was ill and actually planned on writing Rebecca if she had heard how he was doing as I missed his Sunday Jonkanoo articles….time just never permitted.

John Maxwell was for me a part of my 1970’s and 1980’s political mosaic of Jamrock.   The journalist, the political analyst.

But what I will always remember him for and be blessed was in these later years to be able to have read them were his many columns over the past few years on our Environment, Haiti and of course Cuba.

Although always interested in nature, natural things and the environment I can state unequivocally that because of John Maxwell’s many articles in the Jamaica Observer on the environment he made me hunger for knowledge in this area.  In fact, many of his articles I copied  to this very group.

I learnt new words – he sent me to the dictionary more often than not – and usually I was in peals of laughter when I found out the meanings of many of his words.  Talk about a witty pen.

Because of John Maxwell I joined a recycling group in NYC, and plan to complete further studies in the environment either in the US or at UWI at some point.

I didn’t even know he was married to one of my former lecturers Dr. M DeBrun of CARIMAC or that he had lectured there — long after I had left. :-)  I read too the words of my Mentor, Dr…..I mean Prof. Aggrey Brown who was head of CARIMAC when I attended and recommended me for my first set of interviews as I was completing my Mass Comm degree.

I feel an entire generation of brilliant minds are slipping away from us.  Rex, Barry and now John.  Before that Ms. Lou and possible others as I rush to get this out.

Walk good, John!  

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