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Review: Wayne Wonder’s New York Birthday Bash

Wayne Wonder, flew into New York on Tuesday July 24 to celebrate his July 26th birthday at Club Crimson in downtown Manhattan.  Hosted by Mr. Cee of Hot 97, and sponsored by countless  supporters in the entertainment industry, the club was definitely thumping with hard reggae dancehall beats and Wayne Wonder songs spinning on the decks of the popular club and radio DJ.  The crowd consisting, of mainly young professionals under 35, took to the dance floor in a mash-up of pop and dancehall with a little bit of hip hop thrown in for good measure.Shaggy was spotted in VIP, there to support his friend and music collaborator.  The two currently have a single out in the charts – Make Up.  Top disc spinner DJ Norrie together with the usual bevy of beauties, and Jamaican model Stacey McKenzie known for her stunning albino looks were also seen soaking up the vibes. The party was not just a birthday bash for Von Wayne Charles (Wayne Wonder), but also the continuation of the launch for the video to accompany a new single Caught Up from his upcoming Album My Way.  Created by videographer Antwan Smith and produced by Wayne’s own Singso Music label.  The video highlights the age-old problems surrounding a love triangle and features Wayne against a backdrop of mansions, pools, beautiful girls and his dilemma as he is confronted by two of his paramours.
After what seems like an interminable delay, due to some unknown technical difficulty, Wayne Wonder comes on stage, clad in all black, wearing his trademark shades with champagne flute in hand as he proceeds to reprise his some of his many hits of yesteryear.  Even though Mr. Cee had played a great majority of Wayne’s songs while awaiting the artist’s personal  appearance (p.a.) when Wonder took the stage he took it to another level by reprising his songs of yesteryear, starting with his dancehall baptism when he dropped lyrics like Searching, Enemies, one of my favorites Keep them Coming to the wicked bug rhythm, Informer, moving along to his more hip hop/R&B tinged music represented in songs like Friend Like Me, his monster smash hit “No Letting Go” and ending his all too short set with Caught Up

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Sheron Hamilton-Pearson

Sheron Hamilton-Pearson was born in London but now resides in New York. Her popular Conduit Show can be heard Saturdays 11 am to noon at www.theenglishconnectionmedia.com and Sundays 6 - 9 pm at www.e2onair.com