We need to get rid of the shopkeeper who is trying to take over

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

My dad left a house for my two sisters and I, and a will confirming this. Before he died however, he sold a piece of the property to someone who used it as a shop. Now that my dad is dead, this shopkeeper wants to take over the entire land claiming that we have no papers to show. We rented another piece of the land, and now the tenant stopped paying rent to us, and is paying the rent to the shop keeper. What can we do?


RESPONSE: Dear Keith,

You should consult an attorney to assist you to go to the Resident Magistrates Court in your area, for action against the shopkeeper. The attorney will also assist you with sorting out matters regarding the Will left by your dad. Depending on the circumstances a Probate of the will or Administration may be applied for.

Legal Wiz