West Coast Reggae Band Simpkin Project Releases Video for ‘Hustling’

West Coast reggae band, Simpkin Project has released the video for ‘Hustling’, the first single off their debut album ‘Beam of Light” set for release late Summer on the Dub Rockers Label, an imprint label within VP Records. Shot in Huntington Beach CA, the scenic and relaxed energy of the video serves as a salute to their hometown and a viable backdrop for the songs rhythmic vibe.

Directed and edited by Jeff Pliskin from Raised Fist Propaganda, the iconic Huntington Beach Pier is showcased throughout. Known for hosting the US Open and its surf culture, Huntington Beach continues to be a prime tourist hub in Southern California. Shots of the 6-piece band in various parts of the beach, and performing in a bar are also woven throughout the visual.

Simpkin Project effortlessly blends reggae and Americana with expert instrumentation from the rhythm guitar from member Jules Luna, drums from Sean Kennedy, bass from Nick Zamino, and percussion from Sergio Sandoval laced with the vocals of band founders Phil Simpkin and Shawn Taylor. Their passion for West Coast Reggae permeates through their music, but beyond their local territory, they strive to be known as an international reggae band.

“The making of the ‘Hustling’ video was a wonderful experience. The band showed me the real spots in Huntington Beach to document,” said Director Jeff Pliskin. “I enjoyed getting to know the band and have much appreciation for the friendships I have made during the film process.”

When speaking on the meaning of the song ‘Hustling’, member Jules Luna stated “Most people know the struggle, the need to hustle two or three jobs just to meet the demands of a modest life, the song explores if ones set of meaningful pursuits whether it’s for family or virtue makes it all worth it in the end.” We hope you will find the meaning with us, and keep steady in the daily hustle of life” Jules concluded.

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