When a Jamaican Man Loves a Woman – A Valentine’s Day Special

When a Jamaican Man Loves a Woman A Valentines Day Special

Jamaican men candidly express what it is like for them to love a woman. Damie says he agree that Valentine’s Day is not the only day to celebrate your love, but it is a reminder for us men that there is this very special person in your life. And you should take the time out to make her feel that way. For me, Love is that never ending adventure. That’s what it’s like for me.

The Beauty of Love

Love in its splendor

Is like the colors of the rainbow

It splashes across the pale tint of my heart

Giving rise to the stirrings of Life

Flashes of Joy burst forth in raptured brilliance

The radiance of its rays

Warms the soft dewy coldness of my heart

As Love dawns upon the Morning of my Life……

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Hugh George, Single but dating (Long Distance) says:

From my perspective, loving someone is showing them admiration. You treat them with respect, of course, and you express your love to them in various ways. You express yourself in the beautiful things you get for them and also in words. I like to buy cards for my young lady and write my feelings to her. I want to tell her how much I appreciate her and how thankful I am that she is in my life.

For Valentine’s day, I plan to get the florist to deliver some white roses (stands for purity) and two yellow roses (golden to describe our relationship). I am currently in a long distance relationship and so I bought two valentine’s cards; one is not enough to express how much I appreciate her and love her.

I am planning to make a trip to England later on in the year, where she resides. When you love someone you have to be devoted to them because devotion shows commitment and appreciation for the one that you love. As a Jamaican man, it is not hard for me to express myself. I don’t think it should be hard if you really love the person. If it is real love, then it should not be hard to express that love.

In conclusion, we should always communicate to the one we love, and not only communicate, but we should listen to them also. Listening is even more important in a relationship. We should also take time out for the one that you love. Happy Valentine’s Day to my special someone!!

Damie, Been in relationship for 6 years, and got married 12/2007 says:

I agree that Valentine’s Day is not the only day to celebrate your love, but it is a reminder for us men that there is this very special person in your life. And you should take the time out to make her feel that way. For me, Love is that never ending adventure. That’s what its like for me. Love has its ups and downs, and hopefully there will be more ups than downs as love continues to grow. It is true that the ‘downs’ allows you to appreciate the ‘ups’.

How you treat someone shows how you truly feel bout the person. True love comes in your every day action, not just something you do once in awhile. How you treat that special someone every day, that is how you know true love. Now, to my Darling, Dearest, Gorgeous wife, I am truly the luckiest man in the world, having you this another wonderful Valentine’s day. I promise to love and cherish you always. Loving you forever..

V.C.H., Single, currently not dating says:

Valentine’s Day is not the only day that is needed to express yourself because the feelings and emotions are there every day. I don’t find Valentine’s Day to be the day to do anything out of the ordinary. If you love and care about that woman, there is nothing out there that you would not do for that person. I don’t really expect too much from her. I would quicker to do something for her than to expect her to do something for me.

I can’t take a ‘loud’ woman, but I like when she is comfortable being herself and I like when she is an ambitious woman. If there is a woman that is trying to do what is needed for herself, I will not hesitate to assist her in their goals.

Being in love is a good feeling, and you expect it to be reciprocated. As a man, I found that if you put out what you want from a woman and go the extra mile, you will receive the same treatment from her. If you treat a woman the way you would want to be treated, then you have made the right choice, and you are good to go. Some men look at a woman and want her to be a servant; that is a no-no. If I come home and I want to sit in the chair and relax, it should not be a problem if she comes in and also want to sit and relax. It is a give and take situation, and that has a lot to do with love and respect.

That is how I see it. When it comes to sharing intimacy, you find some men will complain that they are not satisfied with their partner. But it is a two way street. It is best to talk about the issues because you cannot read each other’s minds. If you really love that person, for me as a man, the relationship is more than a sexual connection. I find that love is an extremely emotional thing. It is not about the sexual connection all the time.

When you are in love, the attraction you have for that person will continue to be like the first time you saw her or the first time you get together. If you find that person who really makes you do stupid things, things you told yourself you would never do, and you do them without thinking about it, then you know you are ‘whipped’, you are in love. You have found your soul mate. That is the emotional part of it. A lot of guys may not want to admit it and think it is ‘macho‘, but when there is someone that makes you think like that, then it is more than a ‘friend’ type of bond. It is good to love, than to go through life not knowing what love is.

H.C., Married for three years says:

I feel I have chosen the right person based on where I am at the moment. It is good to give other people a chance at love, so that you can know when you have chosen the right person. How would you know if you have found the right person if you did not have other chances at love? You should be open to the fact that the person will not be the perfect person that completes the mental perfect list in your head.

I don’t believe in love at first sight. Attraction at first sight, yes. True love is growth. Love is communication and love is intimacy. You have to grow from the shyness of watching what you say and do around each other, to being comfortable to be your total self around the person. It is from that foundation that you continue to show that you care for each other.

Love is also a two way street. Love is not imbalanced. Each person gives 100 percent of who they are. Love is also trust. I don’t have to wait on special days to do special things for my wife. I will do it anytime I feel like I want to do it, whether it be a romantic candlelight dinner or giving special treatments (like spa days) etc. I don’t think about what I would do on Valentines Day, because I do those special things anytime. I don’t need Valentine’s Day to tell me what to do, so I have never planned anything for that day. I love to surprise her, that is why Valentine’s Day does not work for me, because she is expecting that ’moment’. I like to take her for week-ends at hotels and formal dinner settings, but it does not necessarily have to fall on Valentine’s Day. I will give that lovely rose, or basket of flowers on that Day, but I never really plan the ‘wine and dine’. If the wine and dine falls on that day, then that is okay too.

Commitment is also part of loving that person. For me, there is no reason to not be committed in my relationship. Being faithful is also a part of loving someone. I have enough control to know that I will not go beyond admiring another attractive female, but will never enter the physical arena. I will not cross the line because it is not something that is easy to get out of. There is no obvious reason for me to be unfaithful. Happy Valentine’s Day to my loving wife and remain young and sweet in your person,….

Patrick, Single, currently not dating says:

Valentine’s day is every day for me. I don’t really put a lot into Valentine’s day. From what I see, it is a day to make money. It’s too commercialized for me. I guess that’s why I don’t really care about it that much. When you truly love someone, there is no special day to show that you love her. You show her every day that you love her, as far as I am concerned. You purchase gifts anytime you wish. If I see something to buy for her, I will buy it for her because of how I feel at the moment, Valentines day or not.

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