White Guy Does Not Dance Reggae With His Jamaican Girlfriend – Ask a Jamaican Guy


Q: I am just a regular white guy who met and fell in love with a Jamaican girl. We met at a coffee shop. She is the sweetest girl I have ever met. We get along fine until we go to a Caribbean party. She loves to dance. I know you are thinking “white boys” can’t dance but I can. I just can’t dance reggae and soca. She “wines” up on other guys who can do the dances. I told her I don’t like it but she claims it is just dancing. I don’t like it and want her to stop. Help!

A: Seems to me you have two choices if you are going to stay with your Jamaican lady 1. Learn to dance like a Jamaican. Have her teach you with private lessons or watch some of the dancehall videos on YouTube.com; or 2. Stay away from Jamaican parties with your girlfriend because it sounds like the music will get her dancing every-time.