Why Everybody up eena Usain Bolt business – Nuh goh fe im ef im nevah call yuh

Usain Bolt business is his own

I’m annoyed and plan to vent. For the last two days … all me a see all up eena me facebook feed is pix of Usain and some supposed girl in Brazil. Does that look good for him? I don’t know .. is it an issue? So the purpose of the articles it seems are to knock him off his throne (aint gonna happen) because he’s cheating on his girlfriend. Then some people (clueless in my book) go further to discuss the fact that he’s going to lose endorsements. Huh? Really? Dem a drink de sed mad puss piss whey Donald a drink. Clearly!!

So let’s look at some facts. Usian is rumored to have a girlfriend. Now from what I’ve seen and heard, he has said that he and this Kasi chick are dating and she’s special and lowkey. He has NOT come out and declared that she is his ONGLE woman. At least not in public. To the best of my knowledge, she has not come out and claimed him as her man either unless ‪#‎teambolt‬ somehow translates into “me a woman a yard.” The last time I checked it did not. Now I’ve no clue as to the status of their relationship, but for people to jump on a “him is a dog” bandwagon without all the facts is a tad short sighted. Now if he IS cheating on his girlfriend, dat a between him and Kasi; but here are my questions.

1. Are he and Kasi exclusive? Do they have an open relationship or some arrangement that works for them? This is 2016 and I’ve seen any type of variation in relationships. They may not be for me, but since I’m not IN them. I care not.

Now the above questions are clearly none of our business BUT if we want to cast aspersions on people’s character, then we must be in possession of ALL the facts. Last night I was highly annoyed and posted on a post (that I should probably have ignored cause now ascording to mi Bahamian fren dem … mi vexation jus yuk up) because of two comments. The first was that (a) he’s going to lose endorsements and (b) ALL Jamaican men are “nasty.” What? I take GREAT UMBRAGE to that statement – especially since she chose to reference the fact that her Aunty told her that if she wanted a lowlife like her father, she could be with a Jamaican. So let me get this straight … cause your momma chose to be with and carry a child for a lowlife (and chuss me a next tings me wah fe say like lay wid and breed fah) that means ALL Jamaican men are bad. So wha dat mean? That all of the women in Jamaica who are raising sons … a bare bad breed and jaggabat dem a raise? Clearly dis girl need a lick eena har head side. And me know nuff nuff yaad man who is very decent just like me know nuff yaad man who tek doggish behavior to whole new level. Your behavior as a man is not a result of your heritage … it can influence it YES, but ultimately you behave the way you do … because that’s who you are … not what is country IS.

The example I used was that then since Jamaican man dem a bad breed, then clearly we haffi tek all white American men off the list. Why? Well Bill cheated, Donald mad as shad and then we have fools like Ryan Lochte who vandalizes, lies, puts his team mates in jeopardy and disgraces his country. Is he NOT a representative of the WHOLE white male US race? NO! Okay … so let’s just stop with these broad global generalizations shall we. Just because you or someone you know had the misfortune to CHOOSE to be with someone (cause him nevah hold gun to your head I’m sure) who falls short of your relationship criteria .. we don’t judge an entire race or group based on that single individual. I believe the Donald has been doing that and getting himself in hot water. So let’s halt that foolishness right there.

Anyhow .. back to point .. Usain! So first we don’t know what his actual relationship status really is and it’s quite frankly, none of our business – but me a wander up into it anyway. IF he has done Kasi wrong, then that a fe she and him affair. But after Beyonce and fe har whole ‪#‎lemonade‬ and all of the Beehive say how she give dem life … how they gonna come after Usain and Kasi. If Beyonce can forgive … shouldn’t Kasi too? ‪#‎mejusaseh‬

Now onto the point of his endorsements. Usain is the MOST recognizeable face in athletics in the world. He was the FACE of the Rio Olympics! It will take at least another 12 years for ANYONE to begin to test his record. Second, his level of charisma is off the charts. And guess what? He’s SINGLE. He’s not engaged or in any formal way attached to anyone so any shenanigans which he pulls with regards to serial dating will not factor into his cash earning potential one iota. Now women may want to have attitude that he SHOULD not be serial dating and be monogamous and that’s fine … your opinion. Doesn’t make him a canine and certainly doesn’t affect his earning potential.

He’s worth 60 million … they say. I think that’s under rated because Ricky Simms, his Irish money guy is VERY closed mouthed about what Usain is actually worth and how much he makes. So let’s look at who’s he has/had: Puma, Digicel, Hublot, Virgin Media, Soul Electronics, Visa, Japan Nippon Aiways, Enertor and then his own line of razors (Champion Shave) plus his restaurant and other endeavors. Who a drop him cause him a serial date? These lines that cater to men who think, “Wow! Wish I could be him!” Please!

Who really thinks any of these are going to drop him or he’s going to lose backing because he was seen ‘dating”? People need to (a) get a grip and (b) mek sure dem have alla de facts before dem jump to judgement. NOW, if he and Kasi are supposed to be exclusive and he’s caught dipping his wick into “ a nex” inkwell, well then he gonna be without Kasi but certainly not without his endorsements or his millions. Let’s just keep it real!

Photo Source: Usain Bolt Facebook

Everybody up eena Usain Bolt business

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