Conversation with Jamaican actor, Winston “Ricky” Rowe

This week we interview Jamaican actor, Winston “Ricky” Rowe. He  was very popular on  the Jamaican Theatre circuit. Ricky starred in productions such as Pasa Pasa, Blazee, Oliver, Ive got your man, Perfect Blackman, Deportee, Sting, Tek Weh Yuhself, Deportee and Dancehall Ting. He is now in the United Kingdom and starting in a new play Samson and De Liar. Here is our conversation with Winston “Ricky” Rowe.

Tell us how you got into acting and performing?
I got into acting while attending high School through Drama classes that a friend introduced me to. But I really took it on seriously when I received my school report from my principal, and he wrote in the comments section that I should spend more time entertaining my school work and stop entertaining the school so I took that as sign, so I left high school and pursued acting.

At what age did you start performing?
Professional at the age of 17, but was performing since high school in school plays, even on the school corridors for lunch money, I was born a performer.

What is your proudest moment as a performer was it your recent?
I don’t have a particular moment that I would say this is my proudest as I’m proud of everything that I have been able to accomplish so far because I have had to work very hard to get to where I’m.

Are you still recognized by people on the street because of the plays you did in Jamaica or Third World Cop?
Very much so, I have numerous DVDS on sales which people continue to keep me in the publics mind, the first thing they always say when they meet me is you look much taller on the TV (laughing)

Tell us about your new play with Tony “Paleface” Hendricks
Well Samson and the Liar is a comedy written by Winston Bell, Tony Hendriks and myself. Set in Jamaica and follows the ups and downs of Samson & Ears Ring, two Homeless men living on the rough Kingston streets. One is a jack of all trades and a con artist, the other a proud, honest man who will not forget his pride not even to eat a night’s dinner. They are brought together by a twist of fate and are able to change each others lives for good.  Very funny story.

How did you guys “link” up for this play?
I have always wanted to work with Tony, so when I got the script he was the first person I thought of, but I didn’t know if he would do it, so I called him and he just said yes.  I was happy because I knew he would be right for the part.

What can audience expect from the comedy play?
Audiences can expect a night of Belly busting, feet stumping and tear jerking laughing, with a combination like this Tony Hendriks well know comedian and myself Ricky Rowe the young prince you can expect nothing less. Really it’s a wonderful story as a beautiful message that everyone can relate to and it’s a family show.

Any plans for more collaborations with Tony?
We haven’t discussed any thing as yet but I think we work well together so there is a possibility,  we have to wait and see what the future holds, watch this space.

Tell us about your production company Yaadyboy Entertainment? What are the goals of the company and what types of things will Yaadyboy Entertainment be doing?
Yaadboy Entertainment is a production company I started in 2007 because I wanted to bring my own ideas to audiences  around the world, so far I have produced four productions under the name of Yaddyboy such as ( “Four Bulla An A Patty”, “Dutty Money”, and most recently “She Want A Man”) and now Samson & the Liar. My Intensions is to branch out into doing films, not just any films but comedies mostly Romantic comedies as we don’t do enough of those.

Who do you admire as an actor?
I admire a lot of different actors, like Oliver Samuels, Glen Campbell, Ity & Fancy Cat, Bello & Blacka, Tony Hendriks, but my main inspiration is Eddy Murphy. I think he’s a great actor. 

Every performer can remember a performance that was a disaster. Have you had one of those yet?
No (laughing)

Who is your hero?
I’m my own Hero

Do you have any other new projects in the works?
Yes I’m currently working on my new play for October entitled “The G Spot” which opens on the 20th of October 2013 at the Broadway theatre in London

What about another Jamaican movie. Any plans to make one?
Most definitely have a couple of ideas am working on, I will let you know when I have finalised everything.

What do you think makes Jamaican comedy different from comedy any where in the world?
It could be the warm sunshine, culture, our laid back approach towards certain things.  We just have a unique way of taking bad things mek joke.

My friend would say the strangest thing I do is…
Make people laugh

Thanks for the interview. Do you have any closing thoughts?
It was a pleasure. I would just like to extend a warm thank you to all mi fans who have been supporting my work over the years,  I couldn’t have done it without you, and look out for many more wonderful things from to come from Ricky Rowe & Yaadboy Entertainment in the future, one love in the name of the most high.

More information Ricky Rowe:

Twitter: @Rickyrowe79
Youtube: frasstv

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