World-Famous Jamaican Floating Bar Needs Bartender

World-Famous Jamaican Floating Bar Needs Bartender Floyds Pelican Bar

In what has been called a “dream job” posting, Jamaica’s world-famous Floyd’s Pelican Bar has offered a temporary position as a bartender in conjunction with Virgin Holidays. Floyd, the bar’s usual bartender, needs a break, and Virgin Holidays’ website is issuing the call to “Say ‘Hi’ to Floyd!”  According to the ad, Floyd has been working as the bartender at the unique watering hole, which floats in the blue waters of the Caribbean and is accessed by boat, since it opened in 2001 and believes he needs a break. Therefore, Floyd is looking for someone to take over for a while. The job involves pulling pints in one of the most picturesque and “Instagrammable” places on the planet. It comes with free flights and accommodation for seven nights, enough to get a taste of the beauty and ambiance of the Jamaican lifestyle.

Of course, there are a few stipulations. Applicants must be willing to commute by boat or paddle board to the bar, even in bad weather, and they should be “eager to chat” with the locals and tourists who make up the bar’s clientele. They must also be ready to manage the music playlist, ensuring that “chilled beats” play constantly. As the bartender at Floyd’s, duties may include throwing a fish to the resident pelican population every now and then, as well as issuing a welcome to boats passing by to look for refreshments. The perfect candidate must be able to multitask as well, as it can be challenging to pull beer and appreciate the setting at the same time.

Jodie Kidd, a supermodel and current pub operator in the United Kingdom, will be on hand to help judge the job applications. She says she loves being a “pub landlady” in the UK, but if she had the chance to do the job in the Caribbean paradise, she “wouldn’t say no.”

According to Joe Thompson, the managing director of Virgin Holidays, the Caribbean is a playground popular with visitors from the UK, but never have they had an opportunity to enjoy Jamaica like this. The chance to tend the bar at Floyd’s represents an opportunity to really become immersed in Jamaica’s culture.

Applicants should visit the Virgin Holidays website to find the full terms and conditions.

Source: LAD Bible; Image Courtesy: YoutubeIta Huang

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