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World Health Day 7th April 2009

It is worth remembering on this World Health Day that the leading cause of death in Barbados, as indeed it is internationally, is heart disease. So here in Barbados one of the greatest challenges is how to overcome this non-communicable disease.

The Heart & Stroke Foundation Inc. founded in 1985 is a non-governmental organisation and receives no funding from government. Therefore the organisation is very heavily dependent upon donations and fees to carry out its work and relies considerably upon the financial support of individual Barbadians.

The Foundation’s motto “Everybody has a heart” speaks to the fact that all of us as individuals should be committed to living healthy lifestyles.

Mission Statement
The Mission is to keep people heart healthy and reduce suffering and death from heart disease and stroke.

Aims and Objectives

  • Developing a broad scientific and medical programme in the field of heart disease and stroke designed to seek new knowledge, disseminate new and existing knowledge and apply it for the benefit of persons suffering from these diseases.

  • Engaging in a nation wide programme of public education and awareness to inform people regarding the importance of heart disease and stroke as problems and what can be done to prevent or control them.

  • Developing a nation wide organisation through which these purposes may be realised.

  • Securing the funds needed to finance the Foundation’s programmes and operations by appropriate methods.

The Foundation is committed to being involved in many healthy lifestyle initiatives but has, since its inception, developed and currently has in place two major long-term programmes:

“The Gym with a difference”
The specific rehabilitation through regular prescribed and monitored exercise, dietary and psychological counselling and the education of persons who have had heart surgery, a heart attack, heart failure, a stroke or are at special risk of the foregoing.

Emergency Cardiac Care Programme
Under this programme a full range of CPR, Heart Saver and First Aid training courses are run for laypersons, health care providers, medical students, nurses and doctors under the auspices of the American Heart Association.

Additionally the Foundation is involved in a wide range of Advocacy projects which include:

  • Publishing a quarterly magazine – Heartline

  • Hosting Barbados and Stroke Heart Week

  • Maintaining an up to date website –

  • Educational outreach through TV and national press

  • Health fairs

  • Promoting a Tobacco Free environment

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