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Yaawd Media’s Launch & Concert in South Florida

Yaawd Media Launch and Concert in South Florida_Olivere Brown_Judy Brown_Eddy Edwards_Consul General Oliver Mair_Richard Blackford_Calibe Thompson_Cheryl Wynter

On Saturday, May 28, 2022, the Yaawd Media Incorporated team hosted its long-awaited Media Launch and Virtual Concert at the Island Space Caribbean Museum located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Yaawd Media Incorporated has been proudly providing high-quality streamed Jamaican music content tailored to lovers of the island’s music across the globe. This has been done through a program labelled “Sunday Scoops” which covers Jamaican music from Mento, to Ska, to Rock Steady, to Reggae to Dancehall. The program tells the stories of Jamaica’s music, and as often as possible, it tells these stories through conversations with the creators of the music, supported by the songs and recorded music of the genre or the period. This program is presented on its website on Sundays from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EDT.

Yaawd Media Launch and Concert in South Florida_DJ_0042

Yaawd Media Launch and Concert the DJ

The Sunday Scoops program has attracted a number of the big names in Jamaica’s music including Clive Murphy (the Tennors), Pam Hall, AJ Brown, Willie Stewart (Third World), Koffee, Mikey Bennett, Sly Dunbar, Derrick Harriot, Copeland Forbes,  Lloyd Parks, Neville Garrick, Paul Blake, Wayne Armond, Kristine Alicia, and Novel-T.

Established in April of 2020, Yaawd Media Incorporated is seen as a vehicle through which the Directors and leadership will be able to project the best images of Jamaica while creating and maintaining an archive of Jamaican culture. Yaawd Media intends to provide its website as a portal through which its users would be able to transport themselves while sampling the stories behind all aspects of our island’s culture. This would also be provided as a repository for archiving such stories and making the material available to enthusiasts of Jamaican culture anywhere in the world.

Yaawd Media Launch and Concert in South Florida_Commissioner Denise Grant_0056

Commissioner Denise Grant

Speaking via video link at the Media Launch function, Jamaica’s Ambassador to Washington, Her Excellency Audrey P. Marks commended Yaawd Media’s founder Richard Hugh Blackford for his vision in establishing the organization and conceptualizing the Sunday Scoops project. Ambassador Marks commended the Yaawd Media team on their efforts at producing a first-class streaming product which not only tells the stories behind Jamaica’s music but also reaches lovers of the island’s music culture around the world.

Yaawd Media Launch and Concert in South Florida_Philip Rose_Richard Blackford_0066

Philip Rose and Richard Blackford

Jamaica Tourist Board’s Regional Director for the United States Market, Mr. Phillip Rose recounted that he and his colleagues at the JTB represents the “corn-soup man,” a simile that underscores the factor of the diversity of Jamaica’s tourism product. Mr. Rose explained that the JTB welcomes the efforts of other entities assisting in the marketing of Tourism. He singled out Yaawd Media’s Sunday Scoops program and its efforts to keep the stories behind the music alive as these stories form part of the interest visitors have in Jamaica’s culture.

Yaawd Media Launch and Concert in South Florida_Richard Blackford_Donna Callender_0045

Donna Callender and Richard Blackford

Riddims Marketing’s CEO Eddy Edwards equally congratulated the entire Yaawd Media team for its foresight as well as its efforts at keeping the music alive. Mr. Edwards challenged the team to create other cultural program options and expressed a willingness to work with the young organization as it carves out its growth path.

Consul General Oliver saluted the Yaawd Media team for its unwavering efforts at producing Sunday Scoops over the last two and a half years, a must-watch program for lovers of the music and the culture, and wished the organization continued growth and success.

Commissioner Denise Grant from the City of Lauderhill welcomed the efforts of Yaawd Media Inc and at the same time issued a challenge not only to those present but also to the extended community to support the project. Commissioner Grant challenged it is not sufficient to be one’s friend but to examine ourselves as” we make room at the table for each other as we look at the roles that we will play as a community in developing Yaawd Media. There is power in the voice of one but there is greatness in the voice of many.”

The Yaawd Media team was introduced and presented by compere Sophia Allen-Hendricks including President and CEO Richard H Blackford, Vice President Olivere Brown, Directors Garth Hendricks, Judy Brown, and Nicholas Blackford.

Dub Poet Malachi Smith entertained with a few selections from his repertoire before the audience was treated to a streamed concert featuring Wayne Armond and Kristine Alicia.

Yaawd Media Launch and Concert in South Florida_Olivere Brown_Judy Brown_Eddy Edwards_Consul General Oliver Mair_Richard Blackford_Calibe Thompson_Cheryl Wynter

Olivere Brown, Judy Brown, Eddy Edwards, Consul General Oliver Mair, Calibe Thompson, Richard Blackford, Cheryl Wynter

Special thanks to our sponsors Jamaica Tourist Board, Jamaica National Money Services, Grace Foods USA, Reshi-Roma Foods Ltd, Cardiovascular Imaging Services Ltd, Yardabraawd Intl LLC, DMR Media, Commissioner Denise Grant, and Mayor Wayne M. Messam
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