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You Know You Are Old

As a Jamaican you know you are getting older

  1. You had an exercise book with Queen Elizabeth and her husband on it, instead of a ring binder.
  2. You used to listen to Rediffussion.
  3. You wore Bata crepe to school and bought Asham at the gate. Give yourself an extra point, if you know what Asham was made of.
  4. You remember that the Lou and Ranny show used to come on at 7:00 PM on a Sunday (“Whey me flat boad “)
  5. You know what the initials T. A. D. P. stand for.
  6. You know who Tony Verity was.
  7. You can name more than two of the characters in a Jonkanoo band.
  8. You know what boxing title Bunny Grant held.
  9. You didn’t buy gigs, yo yo’s, kites or slingshots in a store. You made them yourself.
  10. You know what Fanta and Nu Grape are.
  11. You know what a Woolsley, Humber and Zephyr are.
  12. You got a washout and worm medicine at the end of summer holidays.
  13. Your school graduation was called “prize-giving”
  14. You still call Norman Manley airport “Palisadoes”
  15. You still have a BOAC bag hidden somewhere in a closet.
  16. You remember when people used to go to the airport, and come back with a twang.
  17. You still go to the airport just to stand on the waving gallery.
  18. When you hear classical music on the radio you still ask: “Is who ded now”
  19. You still refer to any smooth stretch of road as “barber greene”
  20. You still use words like “bine” and “clyde” and know the difference between both.

ANSWER KEY: If you answer yes to less than 5 you are a babe
in the woods. 5 to 10 answers, you are listening to too many
of your parent’s stories. 11 to 15: Getting up there, watch it!
16 to 19: You are very gray (Although you may be colouring/dyeing)
All 20 or 21: You have Limacol and Bay Rum on the nightstand,
and a chimmey under the bed

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