Ziggy Marley and His Children Feature in New Holiday Campaign for UGG

Ziggy Marley and His Children Feature in New Holiday Campaign for UGG

Ziggy Marley, son of the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley and Rita Marley, is featured along with his children in a holiday campaign for UGG. Marley and his family – his wife Orty and his children Daniel, 30; Justice, 28; Zuri, 24; Judah, 14; Gideon, 12; Abraham, 6; and Isaiah, 3 – love to celebrate holidays together, he says. The festivities throughout the year include Jewish holidays as his wife is Jewish. The celebrations center on family and friends. Marley noted that his family has a history of “giving and loving and caring” that has been passed down through generations. Now, his family is featured in the UGG Holiday 2019 campaign. The UGG brand has donated $50,000 to charities supported by Marley, including U.R.G.E. (Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment) and HOLA (Heart of Los Angeles). The U.R.G.E. initiative was launched by Marley as a nonprofit designed to support women, children, and communities in need, while HOLA sponsors programs for underserved young people that focus on academics and athletics. As part of the holiday effort, UGG will host a cash register drive as well. Andrea O’Donnell, the president of fashion lifestyle at Deckers Brands, said in an interview with People Magazine, by featuring the Marley family in its new campaign emphasizes the fact that holidays are meant to be enjoyed with family members and loved ones. Marley views his family’s participation in the campaign as a way to give back to society by giving love. He credits his upbringing for his commitment to giving back, citing his support for areas like education, children, and women. Whenever Marley is not working in the studio or working out, he is spending time with his family, participating in activities like movie nights when his wife and children join him in watching movies and cooking. Marley says that the collaboration with UGG has helped the family to come together, noting it was a good opportunity for the older children in particular to join in the family activities as they no longer live with Ziggy and his wife. Working together on the UGG holiday campaign provided “a really good vibe” for the family, Marley said.

Source: Yahoo News

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