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10 Things Not To Do When you Discover your Coworker is Jamaican

Jamaican Beef Patties

Jamaican Beef Patties

5. Please do not ask us to bring Jamaican food for you. Not all of us are great cooks and we don’t eat jerk chicken and “Jamaican Beef Patties” all the time. Jamaican restaurants are everywhere. Utilize them.

6. No, I do not know how to make “Jamaican Beef Patties”. Do you know how to make KFC original recipe chicken? If I gave you the ingredients would you still be able to make it taste the same?

7. No, I don’t drink Red Stripe. Do all Americans drink Bud Light?

8. It’s great that you know Bob Marley’s music inside out. Of course Jamaicans love Bob Marley’s music too but our culture is so rich and diverse that not many of us have the time or care to dissect the anthology or go into theoretical debates about his life and legend.

9. Yes, there are reggae songs which have been released since the 90’s. You can listen to them in your own free time.

10. You don’t need to refer to us every time you see or hear something related to Jamaican culture. And FYI, the entire Caribbean is not entirely made up of Jamaicans. A Caribbean accent is not necessarily a Jamaican one so verify to be certain before you make assumptions.


11. If you choose to dress up in a Rastafarian wig, giant spliff and mesh marina for Halloween it will not offend us. In fact, we will just laugh at you because you will look ridiculous.

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