15 Jamaican Neighbors Everyone Knows: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The act of being neighborly encompasses far more than simply saying hello in passing. It’s a way of thinking in which individuals actively support each other to create a sense of community that benefits everyone that lives there. The following are some examples of the good, bad, and ugly types of neighbors that individuals can encounter.

The Good

  • These people see someone working on a project and come over to help.
  • The neighbor that shares fruit, flowers, and produce from their own garden with others in the neighborhood isn’t just a good neighbor – they’re great.
  • Generosity is the middle name of some individuals. They share the surplus of anything they receive, even though they could use it all themselves.
  • Lucky are those that have a culinary angel that will bring over a dish or baked goods – just because.
  • A good neighbor will notify another if they see anything strange happening at their house while they’re away.
  • The civic-minded neighbor will clean up the street and sidewalk, or organize with others to fill the potholes in the street.
  • A good neighbor will tend to their yard, thereby beautifying the entire neighborhood.

The Bad and the Ugly

  • Few things are worse than people that abuse and neglect their own animals or those of their neighbors – call the police immediately.
  • Silent classist and misogynistic neighbors make it clear by their actions that they have little regard for anyone that’s not them.
  • Greedy neighbors think they’re entitled to take flowers, fruit or garden produce without asking.
  • The perpetual partiers are those that play loud music and hold raucous gatherings (dances) while others are trying to relax or sleep.
  • Some people constantly ask to borrow everything from sugar to flour to grandma’s fine china – and seldom return any of it.
  • There’s always at least one individual that doesn’t think twice about parking in front of other neighbors’ driveways.
  • Chronic complainers never have a good thing to say about anyone else in the neighborhood.
  • The nosy neighbor (Bizzy body) has to know everyone else’s business and often isn’t shy about sharing it with others.

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