20 Jamaican “Numbers” Only Those Born There Understand

Have you ever heard a Jamaican make a numerical reference and wondered what exactly they are talking about? Jamaicans make up their own numbers for quantity, in their dialect, which only those born on the island or seasoned in the culture are able to understand.

To note, sometimes the numerical value is the same word duplicated, when this happens it is to create emphasis.

Let’s explore some common terms:

In reference to a single item
1. Deggeh deggeh

A lot – usually 10 or more items
2. Plenty
3. Nuff
4. Nuff nuff
5. Bagga
6. Bagga bagga
7. Whole heap
8. Tun load
9. Trailer load
10. Mounta

A few / small number of items
11. Likkle bit
12. Likkle toops
13. Wingie
14. Tups
15. Teeny weeny
16. Chuppance
17. Handful
18. Mikkle and mukkle
19. Pinch
20. Couple

20 Jamaican Numbers Only Those Born There Understand PIN

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