6 Steamy Aphrodisiacs to Keep the Bedroom Hot on Valentine’s Day

6 Steamy Aphrodisiacs to Keep the Bedroom Hot on Valentine’s Day

Chocolate, roses, teddy bears, romantic dinner for two. Everything is set for Valentine’s Day. But, what about plans for the bedroom?

It’s a day to celebrate love, and sensuality is the magic ingredient to a happy relationship. Here are 6 saucy tips to keep the bedroom hot on Valentine’s Day.

1-Warm Bubble Bath
Both of you could have a warm bubble bath with scented oils or crystals. Lit scented candles, soft romantic music (Teddy Prendergast “Turn off the lights…” would be an excellent choice!), and some wine to turn the heat up a notch. You could take turns lathering each other’s body.

2-Sensual Massage
When you think of a sensual massage, what comes to mind? Dimmed lights, soft music, caressing hands? Yes, you are right. All those are involved and…. more!

For a sensual massage to be really good, it’s important to have the essential ingredients. The surroundings should be attractive, comfortable and private. Soft music in the background is important. Oil is your main ingredient and the scent is very important. Oils that smell like vegetable or medicine are not appealing.

Always warm the oil before applying. Caress sensually to provoke sensuality, which is the key to good lovemaking. Remember that every part of the body can be massaged and for a sensual massage, the genital area and other erogenous zones should be the main areas of focus, and so the amount of pressure, speed and depth are important.

3-Romantic Dinner Without Plates
You could turn each other into a banqueting table and eat from each other’s naked body without using your hands. Place food all over the body making sure that savory or spicy food is not placed near the genitals or eyes – one person as the main course and the other desert.

4-Serenading Your Spouse
Serenade by singing or miming. Choose a sensual love song, preferably your spouse’s favorite and add plenty drama.

5-Dancing for Your Spouse
Dance sensuously for your spouse. This can be done wearing naughty costumes or nothing at all. You could do a slow striptease or a fast “rip off”, dirty dancing (lots of gyrating to Reggae or Soca), a slow waltz, or give your spouse a naughty lap dance. Let your spouse’s eyes take a journey over your body. Let go of your inhibitions and use your imagination. Don’t worry about being perfect, that is what adds to the fun.

6-Bedroom Games
Bedroom games can be fun and can really turn the heat up! One of the most popular game is the doctor and the patient. One person could be the naughty or good doctor, and the other could be the horny or submissive patient. Get into the role by being completely clinical.

Another fun game is Naughty & Dice. You will need a pair of dice. Make a list of six items for each die. On the first list, write down the action verbs e.g. kiss, touch, nibble. On the second list put erogenous zones e.g. lips, neck, ears. Remember these are only examples, so substitute them for your own list of words. Also set a time limit for each action. Take turn rolling the dice and when they come to a stop, match the numbers on the dice to the action verbs and erogenous zone. Be creative.

Don’t limit these activities only to Valentine’s Day, you can indulge anytime during the year.

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