6 Things to Know About Dating a Jamaican Man

Dating people from other cultures can be a fun, exciting and eye-opening experience – especially if it’s a Jamaican. Myths and misconceptions abound, particularly about Jamaican men. There are a great many cultural differences and its important not to make assumptions. Much will depend on the values with which he was raised. The following are 6 things everyone needs to know about dating a Jamaican man.

1. Moms Are Tops

A deep love and reverence for their mothers is a common trait for Jamaican men. They’re mama’s boys and have a love of family that can translate into a desire for a large family. The way to a Jamaican man’s heart is through his mother. Women shouldn’t assume a serious relationship exists just because they’ve been invited to meet his family.

2. Fun and Flirty

Jamaican men love life, like to have a good time, and they can be unabashed flirts. For some, cheating is acceptable, even if they know their significant other counts it as a deal-breaker.

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3. In the Bedroom

Anyone that desires a man that takes control in the bedroom will appreciate the take-charge attitude of a Jamaican man. They’re known for making all the moves when it comes to sex. However, it can be very disconcerting for more independent women. Jamaican men can also be quite adventurous in the bedroom.

They can be gentle lovers, but rough sex isn’t out of bounds, and they’re well-known for the size of their sexual equipment. Sex is an open subject for Jamaicans and they’re not reticent about discussing it in front of family and friends. Some Jamaican men are also homophobic.

4. Food and Cooking

Food is an important element in Jamaican life and even if a Jamaican man is an excellent cook, he’ll expect his significant other to be able to provide home-cooked meals. That can be difficult to live with for working women. Jamaican men aren’t fans of fast food, but their foodie side won’t be averse to ordering the occasional gourmet take-out.

5. Physical Prowess

Jamaican men tend to be tall and well-built – genes don’t lie. Those physical attributes often lead to participating in any number of sports that helps in keeping that well-known physique toned and ready for action.

6. Work Ethic

Depending on the individual, a Jamaican man may work a single job or have 10 different irons in the fire. Either way, he’ll be working for the benefit of his family.

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