How Much do you Know About These 7 Amazing Leaf of Life Benefits?

The Leaf of Life is an unassuming plant that’s been used as a medicinal in Jamaica for centuries as a remedy for bronchial-related conditions. It’s common on the island and in recent years has come to the attention of many in the scientific community for its potential kidney benefits.

Consumed as a tea, used fresh, or crushed in a poultice, the leaves can be harvested and stored for several days without withering. The following are just some of the benefits that people should know about the herb known as Leaf of Life.

1. Bronchial Conditions
Leaf of Life relieves shortness of breath associated with asthma and bronchitis. It’s also beneficial for addressing coughs and the tightness that accompanies chest colds.

2. Diabetes
In a lab setting, results of a preliminary study showed that an extract of the plant lowered blood sugar levels, along with “bad” fat in the body known as triglycerides.

3. Enhanced Sleep
Another study involving pregnant women showed that individuals taking an extract of the plant in tablet form experienced better sleep and it exhibited a calming effect.

4. Intestinal Aid
When consumed as a tea, Leaf of Life’s antibacterial properties can assist in minimizing “bad” bacteria in the intestinal tract. The stem and leaves can both be steeped in water and used as a daily infusion to boost the immune system. It’s beneficial as a cleanse to rid the body of waste and toxins.

5. Kidney Stones
Early testing in the lab has shown that people taking an extract of the herb was less likely to develop kidney stones. The herb also demonstrated the ability to clear urine of oxalates that causes the formation of kidney stones.

6. Skin Conditions
The plant’s crushed leaves are often used as a topical remedy for the discomfort, itch, and healing of skin conditions ranging from bites and boils to bruises and skin ulcers.

7. Wound Healing
The back of the leaves are placed on open sores and cuts to stop bleeding, prevent infections, ease pain, and promote healing.

How Much do you Know About These 7 Amazing Leaf of Life Benefits PN

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