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An Expert’s Guide to Blue Mountain Coffee

An Experts Guide To Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has an international reputation for an especially smooth flavor but without any of the bitterness associated with the beverage. It’s one of the rarest Arabica coffees in the world. The unique growing conditions and volcanic soil of Jamaica combine to produce one of the most highly-prized coffees in the world.

It can take up to 10 months for the coffee beans to be ready to harvest. Genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is only grown at elevations of 3,000-5,000 feet in very small batches in unique locations within areas of the island’s Blue Mountains. The nation produces up to 5 million pounds each year, compared to the 118 pounds that come from the Dominican Republic. A full 80 percent of each harvest is purchased by Asian countries each year.

Coffee beans are harvested by hand and can be dangerous. The sorting process to ensure the highest quality coffee is extremely labor-intensive. To qualify for sale under the Blue Mountain Coffee banner, the coffee must be grown under very specific conditions, undergo rigorous taste testing, and withstand evaluation by the Industry Coffee Board. Only 85 percent of beans meet the exacting standards.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a taste treat. Like a fine wine, the coffee has what’s been described as a floral taste, with underlying hints of chocolate, nuts, and herbs. When opening a new bag, individuals are often struck by the aroma that hints at chocolate. To preserve its unique qualities, store in an airtight container and don’t grind the beans until they’re actually going to be used.

Buyers should be aware that some companies claiming to have the product are actually selling a blend or a mountain-style coffee – significant distinctions. Read the label carefully, look at the price, and ensure the package bears the official seal of the Jamaican Board. Pure Blue Mountain Coffee is grown, roasted and packaged in Jamaica.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a pure luxury item and the cost of the beans will be commensurate with its rarity. There are numerous scams related to the rare coffee that target coffee lovers. A very limited number of companies are certified to sell Blue Mountain Coffee. Only buy from authorized sources.

An Expert Guide to Blue Mountain Coffee

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