Jamaican Food Fight: Black Mangoes vs East Indian Mangoes – Guess Who Won?

We asked our Facebook fans who would win a Jamaican food fight between Black Mangoes vs East Indian Mangoes. Here are the results and what some of what our fans wrote. Feel free to add your own comments.

Vote count:
Black Mangoes  –  45%
East Indian Mangoes  –  55%

Selected Comments:

V Buchanan – East Indians, sweet to the seed.

B Facey – east indian for sure

P Davis – Fine skin another name for black mango I bet a lot of you guys forget that fine skin all the way

V James – Mi mussi different from everybody….Blackie to the wurl!!

M Junsui – Would love a black mango now

L Duncker – East Indian of course!

Y Lettman – East Indian all the time. The very best. Blackie good too.

Y Naelcm – East Indian…that’s like asking Pit-bull vs mongrel, who wins.

D Rowe – Blackie all the way!

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