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Boiled Banana Recipe

Boiled Green Banana Recipe

Jamaican bananas were once a popular export from the island. It was also a favorite fruit by locals. Boiled green bananas was a cheap, quick and easy side dish for many Jamaicans. It is popularly served for breakfast will callaloo or ackee & saltfish. It is the perfect compliment for curry goat, curry chickenbrown stew fishbrown stew chicken, and many other Jamaican dishes.


  • 5  fingers of green bananas
  • 5 cups of water
  •  Cooking spray (PAM or your favorite brand)


  1. Wash the green bananas
  2. Cut the ends off each banana finger
  3. Slit one side of the skin of each green banana. Be careful not to slit into the flesh of the banana. This will save you from peeling the banana which is time consuming and sometimes frustrating. The slits will expand during cooking making it easier to remove the banana skin. TIP – Double slits make it easier. Slit opposite sides of each finger of green banana.
  4. Spray the sides of the pot with the cooking spray. This will prevent the banana “gum” from sticking to the side of the pot and help with clean-up.
  5. Add the water to the pot and boil for 5 minutes
  6. Add the green banana to the pot
  7. Cook for about 15-20 mins.
  8. Allow the banana to cool then peel the skin off

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