Caribbean Phrases You Should Know For Miami Carnival

Caribbean Phrases You Should Know For Miami Carnival

The Miami Carnival season is here with a week of events happening throughout South Florida from September 30th – October 8th.  Jamaicans speak patois but the many other islands of the Caribbean have their own phrases and language.  If you are planning on attending any of the events here are a list of Caribbean Phrases You Should Know For Miami Carnival.

All Yuh: All of you

Bacchanal: A carnival. A large party or celebration, a wild party

Bess: When something or someone is attractive, or amazing

Calypso: This Afro-Caribbean music often involves a moral tale or a political commentary

Canboulay: A celebration of the abolition of slavery with costumes and drumming

Chutney: A type of sweet and spicy condiment that is used like salsa; a form of music indigenous to the southern Caribbean which derives elements from soca and Indian Film songs.

Das Meh Real Horse/Bredrin: That’s my good friend

Dingolay: To dance in a joyful, carefree manner

Doh Hot Yuh Head: Don’t worry about it

Dutty: Dirty in a standard or provocative way

Ent: Don’t you agree, Right

Fella: Guy

Fête: a celebration or festival, honor or entertain (someone) lavishly.

Gyul: Girl

Hototo: More than enough; In great abundance;

Jam: To be enjoy one’s self, particularly at a party or dance

Jump up: Get up and dance

Leh Weh Go: Let’s Go

Lime/Liming: To Party. Hanging Out

Make Style: To Show off

Mas: A carnival. Music played for a carnival, or a band playing this

Padna: Close Friend

Parang: Music played during Christmas time, with a lot of Spanish influences

Play Mas: To participate in a parade, float, or troupe during Carnival.

Pompasetting: Showing off

Saga/Star Boy: a male who likes to “make style”; a male who is cool

Soca: a type of music indigenous to TnT, derived from “soul calypso”

Ting: Thing

Whas de scene: What’s up

Wine/Whining: A dance, particularly one that involves gyrations of the waist, hips and buttocks. To dance in a suggestive manner.

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