Cedella Marley Publishes Children’s Book Inspired by Her Childhood and Legendary Father

Cedella Marley Publishes Childrens Book Inspired by Her Childhood and Legendary Father Bob Marley

Cedella Marley, 54, the eldest daughter of Jamaican musicians Bob and Rita Marley and mother of recording star Skip Marley, is the author of multiple children’s books in addition to being a Grammy winner, designer, and entrepreneur. Her latest release, “Marley and the Family Band,” was inspired by her childhood experiences with her migrant family and is meant to emphasize the importance of having a supportive community.

In an interview with “Good Morning San Diego,” Marley said that children need migration stories. She and her family moved from Jamaica to Delaware, a place very different from her island home that she described as scary and cold for a child. She also mentioned that there was “not good food” there, a situation rectified by her grandmother who cooked authentic Jamaican dishes for the family.

Cedella Marley - Marley and the Family Band

Marley wrote her latest book, which she says is a celebration of music, love, and family, with Tracey Baptiste, a New York Times bestselling author. The picture book was illustrated by Tiffany Rose. In a chronicle of Marley’s childhood, the book follows a young girl who migrates to a new country and learns how to make friends. The author said she wanted to share her experience of being a migrant child and bringing music to her new neighborhood. The story is also designed to focus on the power of music to unify people as the main character, who represents Cedella Marley, decides to hold an outdoor concert for the entire neighborhood to make friends. When plans are ruined due to weather, the Marleys discover that the new neighbors help out and show that nothing can stop the music as long as there is community support.

Marley, a former Grammy-winning singer of the Melody Makers, plans to bring a piece of Jamaica to television in the near future as “Marley and the Family Band” is currently being adapted for an animated series. Marley is collaborating with Lion Forge Comics on the project and said she is looking forward to putting it on TV and digital platforms.

Cedella Marley’s other children’s books include “The Boy from Nine Miles (The Early Life of Bob Marley,” “Every Little Thing,” “One Love,” and “Get Up Stand Up.” She also authored the cookbook, “Cooking With Herb (75 Recipes For The Marley Natural Lifestyle),” and others, including “Redemption (Reflections on Creating a Better World),” “The Healer’s Way: Bringing Hands-On Compassion To A Love-Starved World,” ”56 Thoughts from 56 Hope Road: The Sayings and Psalms of Bob Marley,” and “Bob Marley My Son.”

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