Clarendon College Alumnus and Golden Krust Franchisee Gifts $250K to Alma Mater’s Football Team

Theo Burnett, who at one time played center back as a student at Clarendon College, has given the football team of his alma mater and supporting staff a big boost with a donation of $250,000.

Clarendon College Alumni and Golden Krust Franchisee Donates $250,000 to the Football Team1

Proud of the Team’s Performance

He, being a chartered accountant by profession as well as a Golden Krust franchiser, expressed his admiration for the current crop of players. “I used to think that we would never see soccer like we saw in the late 70s and 80s, when the current coach (Lenny Hyde) was one of my idols, but watching these current players not prancing and not playing kick ball was astonishing and pleasing to the eyes. They think, they are smart, and they are bravely fearless—the ingredients of a champion,” he shared.

Clarendon College Alumni and Golden Krust Franchisee Donates $250,000 to the Football Team2

Clarendon College FC’s Growth

According to Burnett, over the last five years, he has been observing the football program being developed with ambitious future goals.

The program has ensured that students from all walks of life are given opportunities, and it is what has prompted him to do his part in helping them grow and continue to provide a brighter future for the youngsters.

Cognizant of the challenges being faced by the school with the footballers being unable to play on home ground as a result of the poor field quality, Burnett opines that they deserve to be playing at home in front of fellow students.

“That joy needs to be on campus like in the old days when teams were afraid to come to us. To get there with whatever help from the government, if any, we need to have a proper go-fund me that touches every single alumni, and if asked for just US$1 (and document a breakdown of how the funds will be spent), we can accomplish a multi-purpose complex,” he highlighted.

Appeal For More Alumni Support

Using the opportunity to reach out to past students of the school on the hill, Burnett is imploring them to step up, and for that reason, he is urging that a proper accounting system be put in place that will give them the confidence to invest back in their alma mater.

“They want to trust that we will use the funds for the right thing; they need to know, but our message must be clear,” are his resolute words.

Looking ahead, Burnett said his dream for Clarendon College is to see each and every one of the players that elicited cheers from fans attend some form of college and further their dreams and careers.

“I also want to see the programme stay on top, and it takes more than just a few alumni currently. It needs all of us on board who are capable,” he notes.

Active Contributor to Sports Development at Clarendon College

Burnett’s involvement in the school does not stop at football, as he also donated laptops and scholarships; this year he gave $50,000 to incoming freshmen and one each to football and cricket. He has also made a contribution to the past student association.

He also had words of encouragement for the teachers, coaches, supporting staff, and fellow alumni and supporters who do their part in giving support, whether in victory or defeat.

Photo – Theo Burnett