CNN Ranks Jamaica Third among the Coolest Nationalities in the World

CNN Ranks Jamaica Third among the Coolest Nationalities in the World - Usain Bolt

Television network CNN asked whether entire countries can be classified as “cool,” and the answer it came up with was “yes.” The network compiled a ranking of what it labels “the hippest peoples on the planet,” while acknowledging that every country believes it is the “coolest.” Nonetheless, CNN has gone on make its list, recognizing that it relies in part on “lazy stereotypes” and is played for “cheap laughs.” With that in mind, CNN rated Jamaica at Number 3 among the coolest nations in the world. Describing Jamaica as more than reggae, the ranking cites the “kick-back religion” of Rastafarianism, “an accent that is the envy of the English-speaking world,” and dreadlocks, the most distinctive hairstyle on the planet. Olympic champion Usain Bolt was named its “icon of cool,” while on the not-so-cool side, CNN mentions the island’s high murder rate and homophobia. At the top of the “cool list” is Brazil, followed by Singapore in the Number 2 spot. Rounding out the top five are Mongolia at Number 4 and the United States at Number 5. The remaining countries of the list are Korea (6), Spain (7), Japan (8), Botswana (9), China (10), Australia (11), Nepal (12), Belgium (13), and Turkey (14.)

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