Day 360 of 365 Things to Do, See & Eat in Jamaica – Spend Christmas Day with a Jamaican Family

Jamaican Family

If you are lucky enough to know a Jamaican family, it will be a real treat to spend Christmas with them. Generally, all traditional Jamaican foods are cooked for the Christmas celebration: ackee and saltfish for breakfast; dinner with ham, jerk chicken, roast beef and rice and peas. If you don’t know a Jamaican family, try a bed-and-breakfast like the Blue House in Ocho Rios. Many of these accommodations are run by families who will welcome you at Christmas, and many plan their menus to reflect the island traditions of the day.

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Jamaica has so many unique foods, places and events to offer. These things are often missed by visitors to Jamaica and even locals. Our goal is to have you try new things and see what Jamaica has to fully offer with something to do 365 days of the year. Please note that these are all our opinions and we are always open to suggestions.

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