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Jamaican Food Fight: D&G Pineapple vs D&G Kola – Guess Who Won?

We asked our Facebook fans who would win a Jamaican food fight between D&G Pineapple vs D&G Kola. Here are the results and what some of what our fans wrote. Feel free to add your own comments.

Vote count:
D&G Pineapple  –  17%
D&G Kola  –  83%

Selected Comments:

T Ham – kola campagne. want some right now

A Smith – Kola champagne every time

M Daley – Pineapple!!!! Pity mi stap drink ‘erated wata!’

K Cherif – I like both but I will go with pineapple.

L Black – Kola Champagne…with Red Stripe!!

P Augustave – Kola Champagne winn all the time

K Steele – Kola Champagne hand down

J Mcpherson – Kola ofcourse

T Ritchie – Kola hands down! Cream soda came in a close second

S Placide – Kola Champagne…There’s nothing like it!

K Wood – Kola…my fav

W Greenwood – Kola Champagne by MILES

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