Dishes from Two Jamaican Restaurants Featured on List of Top 10 Delicious Dishes to Try in LA

The editors at have compiled a list of the ten best dishes to try in the Inglewood area of Los Angeles, California. Inglewood is known chiefly for hosting the Super Bowl, but locals know there are many great places to eat in a neighborhood that features many types of cuisine, ranging from Mexican seafood to Southern BBQ, and two of the best offer authentic Jamaican food.

The has singled out Karuba’s Yardy Kitchen from among the Jamaican restaurants in Inglewood as featuring some of the best Jamaican cooking in Los Angeles. The eatery’s eatery’s jerk chicken and its oxtail are singled out for special praise. The quality of the restaurant’s menu items, from its sauteed cabbage to its sides of rice and golden plantains, is exceptional. The restaurant was established in 2018 and its mission, as stated on its website, is to cater to people who are away from home to nourish their mind, soul, and body with food prepared from the best ingredients they can find. Satisfied customers writing reviews on Yelp share that they can “feel the love” put into every dish, and one customer who described himself as a “die-hard foodie” who loves Jamaican food and travels to other states and countries just to eat said Karuba’s Yardy Kitchen “is without question the best of the best and then some…”

The editors at also highly recommended The Country Style Jamaican Restaurant, which they say offers a busy and energetic environment that makes customers feel right at home while they wait at the counter for their take-out orders. The editors noted that the 20-minute wait for the Red Snapper Escovitch is definitely worth it to partake of the excellent fried fish topped with vinegary red peppers and onions and served with a side of buttery sauteed cabbage and fried plantains on white rice. Diners have given The Country Style Jamaican Restaurant glowing reviews for its authentic Jamaican vibe.  According to reviews on Yelp, customers are especially satisfied with all of the meat dishes, describing the oxtail, brown stew chicken, and jerk chicken as “literally melts in your mouth.” One customer confessed that they do not normally leave reviews but the exceptional quality of the food at The Country Style Jamaican Restaurant was worthy of the effort, posting, “Trust and Beleive they are true to the game, their food is unmatched. Loyal customer for life.”

Photo – Karuba’s Yardy