Featured Yahoo Article Ranks Jamaica Second among Top 5 Best Caribbean Countries to Visit During Covid Pandemic

As travelers begin to emerge from COVID-19 lockdowns around the world, concerns linger about the safety of travel to some of the most popular tourist destinations. The Caribbean, with its 7,000-plus islands offering natural beauty and diverse cultural experiences, is high on the list of desired vacation spots. The region was seriously impacted by the lockdown, losing millions of the visitors that are critical to their economic health. However, the island nations of the Caribbean have established strict security measures and protocols to protect visitors and locals alike against the coronavirus. Below is a list of the 25 best destinations to visit.

Jamaica is ranked second only to The Bahamas among the best Caribbean spots for tourists. Its lush mountains, excellent beaches, and rainforest environments have long attracted visitors from around the world. The island nation also offers a wide variety of activities, including diving, swimming, mountain hiking, and rafting. Jamaica is open to all travelers from the United States, but potential visitors must have a negative PCR test report that has been provided within three days before their arrival to be admitted to the country. They must also complete and submit an online Travel Authorization Form between two and five days before their arrival in Jamaica.

The Bahamas, which is at the top of the list traditionally attracts many tourists to enjoy its beaches, fishing, and shopping. The Bahamas is also open to visitors from the US, and island authorities will exempt travelers who have been fully vaccinated from taking the PCR test for entry. However, unvaccinated tourists must upload the results of a PCR test that has provided a negative result within five days before their arrival.

Rounding out the top five best islands in the Caribbean to visit during COVID-19 are Aruba, Anguilla, and the US Virgin Islands. Aruba is open to US visitors, but all travelers must complete an Embarkation/Disembarkation card 72 hours before arrival. The major hotel groups have established numerous safety protocols to ensure visitors enjoy a safe journey to the island. Also open to US travelers is the island of Anguilla, which requires the submission of a negative COVID-19 test result three to five days before their arrival; unvaccinated travels must quarantine for 14 days. All travelers originating in the US visiting the US Virgin Islands must use the USVI travel portal and submit a negative COVID-19 test result or negative COVID-19 antigen test taken within five days of travel to be admitted to the country.

The remaining Caribbean nations on the list of 25 best to visit during the pandemic include 6. St. Lucia, 7. Cuba, 8. St. Martin, 9. Barbados, 10. St. Vincent and The Grenadines, 11. St. Bart’s, 12. Vieques, 13. Turks and Caicos, 14. Bermuda, 15. Bonaire, 16. The British Virgin Islands, 17. Curacao, 18. Dominica, 19. The Dominican Republic, 20. Grenada, 21. Haiti, 22. Antigua & Barbuda, 23. Costa Rica, 24. St. Eustatius, and 25. Saba.

Photo by A.V B.S on Unsplash