Jamaican American Competes for Miss Florida 2019 Title

Jamaican American, Tatyana Brown, is competing for the title of Miss Florida 2019. Brown was raised in North Lauderdale and has appreciated all of the beauty that the Sunshine State offers. A recent graduate of Florida International University, Brown has seen many of the brightest students, especially international students, unable to reach the milestone of graduate because of a lack of financial resources. As a young woman of Jamaican descent, Brown says that the Caribbean community is “dear to my heart,” and she takes pride in those time she can take the role of advocate for the needs of her community.

During her time at college, Brown noticed how difficult it was for some individuals to work with few opportunities available to them. As Miss Florida, she plans to use her platform to create more opportunities for international students to receive post-secondary education. Brown has worked closely with numerous youth programs designed to empower and train young women to recognize and use their potential for success. One of the programs, the Girls L.E.A.D. program, provided opportunities for adolescent girls to teach in their schools and communities through an art-based training and etiquette program. Brown believes that “children are our future and we must invest in them now for a better tomorrow.” Brown’s favorite quote is “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

The winner of the competition will advance to the nationally televised MISS USA® competition.

If you would like to sponsor Tatyana Brown as a delegate, click this link  and enter “Tatyana Brown” as “Miss Florida.”

Photo via Tatyana Brown/PS Express