Jamaican-Born Millionaire Entrepreneur in the UK Introduces Healthy Food Range

Levi Roots, whose given name is Keith Valentine Graham, is a reggae musician, celebrity chef, and businessman who was born in Clarendon, Jamaica. He now lives in the United Kingdom and has recently partnered with MuscleFood to introduce a range of healthy recipes that includes four delicious Caribbean dishes with none over 500 calories.

The range features four tasty Caribbean dishes, which are all low in calories and full of flavor. The four dishes include the Levi Roots Sunshine Chicken Pot at just 387 kcal, which is low in sugar and features a tasty blend of herbs and spices with 36g of protein per pot, and can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner; the Levi Roots Caribana Chicken Pot at 358 kcal, which blends ginger, chili, lime juice, bananas, allspice and other herbs and spices in a dish featuring 34g of protein per pot and is low-fat and low-sugar; the Levi Roots Caribbean Salmon Recipe Kit, which includes a salmon filet with a hot jerk seasoning coating, a serving of rice-and-peas and toasted broccoli, has just 500 calories and is also low in fat and sugar; and the Levi Roots Jerk Chicken Recipe Kit, which contains everything needed to make the classic Jamaican dish: a jerk chicken and red pepper skewer, a serving of spiced sweet potato wedges and coleslaw, and is high in protein while being low in fat and sugar.

MuscleFood is an online food retailing firm based in Nottingham in the UK. It was founded in 2013 and initially served the bodybuilding community before expanding to a broad range of customers throughout the UK and Europe, including celebrities and the sports community. In 2018, MuscleFood received the Specialist Online Retailer of the Year Award at the Grocer Gold Awards event.

Commenting on his partnership with MuscleFood, Chef Levi Roots said that his brand was founded on attracting and developing great partnerships so that he could realize his “Caribbean food and drink dream.” He added that MuscleFood is the best at what it does and that authenticity and integrity are important to the company.