Jamaican Restaurant Listed among Top 12 Restaurants to Visit in North Portland, Oregon

The Jamaica House restaurant in Portland, Oregon, has been named among the top 12 eateries to visit in that city. The restaurant’s casual and cozy ambiance is welcomed in the area, which is just beginning to enjoy more Caribbean-style venues. A house-turned-restaurant, Jamaica House offers an experience similar to a barbeque on the beach. Its interior features hand-painted murals, while outside, diners can hear the sizzle of the outstanding jerk chicken as it cooks. The jerk chicken is a special favorite and not to be missed. The menu also includes curry chicken. For vegans, jerk tofu and “a pile of plantains” are available. The chef Simba Puma, a lifelong Rastafarian, grew up in St. Ann Parish, the birthplace of reggae icon Bob Marley, and he can be found cooking up jerk in the kitchen or out in the side yard playing piano with the Roaring Lions, a fund-rock-reggae group.

Jamaican Restaurant Top 12 Restaurants to Visit in North Portland Oregon
Jamaica House in North Portland Oregon


Jamaica House is located at 8307 N Ivanhoe Street. The North Portland area that is home to Jamaica House is known as St. Johns, which has been called “a haven” within the city limits. It extends from Cathedral Park to a downtown section and has a quaint, small-town feel. The area is also historically diverse and a major destination for those looking for soul food, tacos, and Jamaican cuisine. The other 11 restaurants on the list of Top 12 include The Sudra, Affogato, 87th and Meatballs, Homegrown Smoker, Tienda Santa Cruz, Dub’s St. Johns, Paiku, The Fixin’ To, Mama San Soul Shack, Falafel House, and Bernstein’s Bagels.

Information and Photo Source: Eater.com, Facebook