Jamaican Woman Marries Nigerian King to Become Queen of the Two Kingdoms

African Queen

In a significant event for Rastafarianism, Chanel Chin, the daughter of Ludlow Chin – better known as Bobo Zaro – has married King Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi. The marriage is significant as a part of the “Back to Africa” movement promoted by Jamaican Rastafarians. Chin is now the Queen of the Two Kingdoms, and one of her duties is to set a good example for girls and women in her community. Her husband is known as the Imperial Oluwo of the Two Kingdoms in Nigeria, ascending the throne in November 2015. The King met 32-year-old Chin in Canada where he lived before becoming ruler. Queen Chanel says she is honored to represent Jamaica is such a significant way, noting that her ancestors were taken from Africa as slaves, but she has returned as a queen. She believes that her experience is an example for black people around the world to “return to their home.” Queen Chanel also wanted to tell Jamaicans that the culture and traditions in Africa are “so rich and lovely” and that every black person should visit there. Reggae musician Bob Zaro is known for songs like “Pain” and its video, which has been viewed on television by millions of people in Africa.

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