Jamaican, Zachary Harding, Accepted to Forbes Business Council

Jamaican Zachary Harding

Jamaican Zachary Harding has been accepted as a member of the Forbes Business Council, an organization open to successful business owners and leaders by invitation only. Harding is the executive chair of Delta Capital Partners (DeltaCap) and the Group CEO of Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) based in Kingston, Jamaica. The Forbes Business Council is the top growth and networking organization of its type in the world.

The organization’s selection committee chose Harding after vetting him based on the “depth and diversity” of his experience and leadership. Criteria for membership in the business council include having a demonstrated track record of contributions toward successful business growth metrics, personal and professional achievements, and honors awarded.

Scott Gerber, the founder of Forbes Councils, said the group was honored to welcome Harding into the community of business leaders. He noted that the mission of the Councils is to gather proven leaders from every industry together to create a curated, social capital-driven network” designed to aid each member in their professional growth and capability to make ever-greater impacts on the world of business.

Membership in the Council provides Harding with access to a range of exclusive opportunities that will enhance his professional influence internationally. He can now connect with other global leaders from various areas for collaborations in private and members-only events. He has also received an invitation to work with a professional team of editors to share his insights via originals business articles to be published on Forbes.com and make contributions to published Q&A panels with other experts.

Harding will make a presentation at TEDx Aston University in Birmingham in England later September 2021 and benefit from the exclusive access he will have to vetted business service partners, “membership-branded marketing collateral, and high-touch support from Councils’ member concierge team.

Upon receiving news of his acceptance as a member, Harding said he was “truly humbled” by the appointment and is excited by the opportunity to contribute to its collective knowledge base and to learn from others who are looking for ways to “rethink and reframe the way we live and do business together.” He added that he takes his responsibility as a member very seriously and will “endeavor to make a meaningful impact for my clients, team, and region.” He also noted that in these challenging times, strong leaders are crucial for advancing the global community and welcomes the chance to aid in that effort.

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