James Bond Actor Daniel Craig Raises Funds to Rebuild a Favorite Jamaican Chicken Shack

Daniel Craig, the British actor known for his portrayal of James Bond in film, is leading the fundraising efforts to rebuild a Jamaican Jerk chicken shack where he often dines. The eatery was gutted by a fire. Craig, 51, was a regular customer of Piggy’s in Port Antonio while  he was filming the James Bond movie “No Time To Die.” In fact, the entire cast and crew working on the film in Port Antonio frequented the chicken shack. The fire, which occurred after the few was done filming on location in the city, destroyed the restaurant and left 15 people unemployed.

Actor Craig, who suffered an ankle injury during the filming, joined the cast and crew in donating cash to fund the reconstruction costs of £35,000. One of the fund-raising sites involved showed a donation of £1,000 from EON Productions. According to an information source with familiarity with the matter, the film’s cast and crew regularly ate at Piggy’s and loved it. The restaurant is very well known in Port Antonio. Everyone who experienced dining at Piggy’s was very sad to hear about the destructive fire and wanted to do something to help restore the business. According to the restaurant’s owner Eustas ‘Piggy’ Lindsay, “I was just up the road when I got a phone call to say the place was burning down.” He lost four freezers, a standing refrigerator, a fan, and a stove in the fire. “It’s going to be tough going for the workers, all of whom have children at school,” he added.

Photo source: Youtube