Lady G: Musically Taking Control and Still Sexy.

Janice Fyffe a.k.a. Lady G, is one determined lady. She has decidedly made her mark as female artist in Jamaican music and has done so on her own terms. With hits like “Nuff Respect” the female anthem of respect, “Me or You Gun” imploring gunmen to chose family over badness, “Roundtable Talk” W/Papa San, “Breeze Off” eschewing male promiscuity, “Hard Ears” and “Girls Like Us” a combination with Chrissy D which entered the British Charts at #5, and “Toll Road” W/Mutabaruka, she has worked with the top producers like Mikey Bennett, Steelie & Cleavie, Winston Riley and Gussie Clarke. She has set a standard for cultural female DJs. Lady G’music has taken her to Europe in countries like Switzerland, England, and Germany, all over the United States, and Japan and throughout the Caribbean.

Lady G boldly took charge of her own musical destiny by creating G-String her production company. She has recorded with and produced top flight artistes like Papa San, Sizzla-(Say what’s on your mind) Capleton, Ce’Cile, Macka Diamond, and Lady Saw. Her performance at the world famous Apollo Theatre in NYC is an indication this beautiful and sexy lady hasn’t lost a step. Music writer Stan Evan Smith talked Lady G about her life in music.

SS: Where did the name Lady G come from?
LG: The name Lady G was given to me by a man name Sassafras; he was the number one poster man in Jamaica.

SS: SS.How long have you been DJing professionally?
LG: About 20 years

SS: How would you best describe your dj style?
LG: My style is more cultural and educational, and still entertaining

SS: What is, or has been the biggest obstacles you have faced as female artist??
LG: There were no obstacles for me, because if you want to be successful in anything your doing you have to work hard.

SS: Do you think being a female helps to advance your career or has it hurt you?
LG: being a female makes it a bit difficult, (because) sometime you might end up pregnant while you are at the peak of your career, some times jealousy, and all of a sudden you be comes attractive to everyman

SS: Who were your major influences?
LG: My major influences are, first of all my father, he sings with the Congos, (then) people like Sister Nancy, Lady Ann, and Sister Carol.

SS: Lady Ann, Sister Charmaine & Junie Ranks complain that female artists do not get the same opportunities for air play (radio) TV and stage shows offered to male artist in reggae, do you agree?
LG: Yes, and no, it depends on who you are recording for and if you are close with the radio jocks, same with TV.

SS: What can female djs/singers do to improve and increase opportunities for themselves?
LG: I think some of us need to work a bit harder, stop waiting on producers and promoters to do everything for us.

SS: Do promoters try to book you for shows often?
LG: Yes, but some of the promoters want to underpay us, but as an individual (artist) you have to set a certain standard.

SS: Name your biggest hit tunes?
LG: My biggest hit songs are: Nuff Respect, Round Table Talk-Papa San- Legal Rights, Me or the Gun, Breeze Off, Thank Him, and Girls like Us- a combination with Chrissy D-the Garage mix went into the British Charts.

SS: Are you happy with the air play radio dj’s give your music?
LG: Not 100%, I need to get on some of the big riddims and work for some of the big producers, but a so the thing set, so me have to work with it, or go around it

SS: As an entertainer what goals would like to accomplish?
LG: I would love to win a Grammy (award), have my own studio so I can create some good music with some new talent and to be one of the greatest female producers.

SS: Does your success as a DJ help you to get producers to record you?
LG: Yes, because they know what I sound like and some time what I am capable of.

SS: Do you think you get the respect you think you deserve from both males and females in the reggae business?
LG: I am ok because everyone is not going to show me the same amount of love.

SS: What is best memory in the music business?
LG: It was my first year at Reggae Sunsplash in 1988

SS: Your performance at the Apollo IRAWMA award proved you are still a force to be recon with, how do keep such high performance standards after so many yrs?
LG: They say experience teaches wisdom, (maybe) it is just an inborn thing. Sometimes I don’t even know how I do it

SS: You are one of the sexiest and most attractive females in Jamaican music, how do manage to keep looking so good?
LG: Thank you. I just try to have a healthy life style and give God all the praise and think positive.

SS: How do you juggle motherhood and a music career?
LG: I do a little bit of both.

SS: What is G-String production?
LG: G-STRING Production is the name of my recording Label.

SS: Who are some of the artists you recorded and produce on G-String?
LG: I recorded artiste like Macka Diamond,Capleton Sizzla, Lady Saw, Spragga Benz, Danny English, Eggnog, and Chuck Fender just to name a few.

SS: Big respect Lady G and continued success

Stan Evan Smith is contributing Editor to Everybody’s Magazine, (NYC) Music critic for the Gleaner/Star NA. Staff writer,, (California) (Virginia) and Jamaicans. Com (Florida) and, contributing writer to POSH Magazine (Maryland). He can be reached [email protected].