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Marcia Griffiths Reimagined: 5 Songs Sampling Her Greatest Hits

Several popular songs have drawn inspiration from the timeless hits of Marcia Griffiths. Her iconic tracks, known for their soulful melodies and rhythmic grooves, have provided a rich source of material for contemporary artists. These sample-based creations pay homage to Griffiths’ greatest hits while introducing her music to new generations of listeners in innovative and exciting ways. Which ones are your favorite?

Grandmaster Slice – Electric Slide

Sample of Griffiths’ Electric Boogie (1983) appears at 0:50 

Dead Prez – Soul Power

Sample of Griffiths’ Here I Am Baby (1974) appears at 0:24

House of Pain – Jump Around 

Sample of Griffiths’ Feel Like Jumping appears at 0:39 and 0:58

Baby J  – Young, Gifted and Black

Sample of Griffiths’ and Bob Andy’s Young, Gifted and Black (1970) appears at 0:10

Fracture – Big Up The Ladies

Sample of Griffiths’ and Bob Andy’s Really Together (2012) appears at 0:24 and 2:00 

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