Miss World Jamaican Toni-Ann Singh to Make Virtual Tours Due to COVID-19

Miss World Jamaican Toni-Ann Singh to Make Virtual Tours Due to COVID-19

In response to conditions imposed by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the Miss World Organization reviewed the circumstances of the reign of the new Miss World titleholder Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica, and change the way she will perform the duties associated with the title.

Four months into her reign as Miss World, Singh’s plans have been changed due to the global virus pandemic, with international travel largely banned. According to the chairperson and CEO of the Miss World Organization Julia Morley, a continuation of the current situation over a prolonger period of time will require some of her planned projects to be addressed digitally.

The organization plans to switch to online activities over the coming three months. If bans on free travel are lifted before that period ends in July of 2020, Singh’s plans will revert to the original program of her ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ global tour. On the tour Singh was scheduled to visit numerous countries and address numerous projects. None of her events have been canceled thus far, but some have been rescheduled to take place later in 2020 in hopes that conditions relating to the pandemic will have improved.

The most immediate project involved the fashion show scheduled for Jamaica at which Miss World and others would appear to raise funds for an education program designed to provide distance learning options for pageant girls and teen mothers at the Women’s Center of Jamaica Foundation. The work on this project will continue in preparation for when things normalize, at which time it will be set to move to completion quickly. Morley noted that the existing COVID-19 situation will not have a negative impact on Jamaican beauty as the charity activities will just continue in a different form.

Toni-Ann Singh was crowned Miss World in December of 2019 in London. She is the fourth woman from Jamaica to win the Miss World title, joining Carole Joan Crawford in 1963, Cindy Breakspeare in 1976, and Lisa Hanna in 1993. Singh was born in Morant Bay in St. Thomas and graduated from Florida State University after immigrating to the US 14 years ago.

Since winning the title, she has visited seven countries prior to the pandemic outbreak. Among her other events, Singh also attended a yearly telethon organized by Variety Clubs International in the United States. This event raised US$4 million for different charities. She also traveled to Naples, Italy, to support the “Beauty with a Purpose” project.

Miss World Jamaican Toni-Ann Singh to Make Virtual Tours Due to COVID-19 PN

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