My Two Weeks On The Darkside with COVID-19

April was an unkind month. I spent the entire month not feeling the greatest and it went from one extreme to the other. First, I just couldn’t shake off symptoms brought on by allergy season. Soon thereafter headaches and fatigue set in. I felt my sinus was infected somehow. It was enough for me to see my Doc. She listened to my complaints and though I was pleading for anti-biotics she put the brakes on that and said: “Joelle, just to make sure, I may have to order a COVID-19 Test for you.” I never protested. I wasn’t sure what was making me ill so I was OK with that.

And just like that, before I could get to the testing center, my condition worsened. In the daytime, I spent most of it on the couch, with no energy. Coughs came from deep within and they triggered headaches. I rarely wanted to get up. I was hungry but did not want to eat. As the night fell, body chills came with it. My body temperature would shoot up and come back down. I would tremble from cold chills from my toe to my head. My stomach twists into so much pain that left me breathing hard..all the while blowing through my mouth.

I wasn’t eating any food with substance. My regular diet of Oranges, blueberry, grapes, coconut water, teas, and soups were not giving me enough strength to fight what the hell had a hold of me. Soon I needed help to get out of bed. One night I requested oatmeal. I figured I desperately needed carbs. I sat around the table eager to get this oatmeal down so the hunger pangs would leave me. After 4 spoonfuls of it, I grabbed on to him. I heard him say” Joe, what’s going on? Are you Ok?” At this time I am literally dizzy, my eyes are turning in my head. He asked if I needed to get to the coach. I was scared to get up because I felt if I did I would collapse to the floor.

Well, there was no time to second guess what was going on because I had to rush to the bathroom. My body completely rejected the oatmeal. This was my 4th attempt during the week at getting carbs in and failed. My body is fighting the good fight but it won’t allow me to feed it. What the hell? My stomach is suffering. I was carried up the stairs as I limp with no energy to carry my own feet forward. I know I wasn’t dying but dear God, I just wanted relief. Coughs made my head hurt, night chills were unbearable. I have no sense of smell nor taste.

I woke up in the mornings, bright eyes, and bushy tail. But I can only drink tea and have an orange. Meanwhile, he kept trying to convince me I am doing better because I am all smiles and keeping up my humor. But I knew better than he did. This monster gives you a few hours break and then it comes back and rips you to threads.

I finally got to the testing center and after being swabbed, I cried silent tears all the way home. I didn’t need them to tell me I have Covid-19. This sucker has already taken me to the dark side.

A few more days into the fight and the worst is still nights. Throwing up is the worst. Emptying an already empty stomach is painful. Most time after my body is trying to expel the beast I have to sit on the bathroom floor and catch my breath. I needed help to get off the floor and escorted to the bed. When my doctor called to confirm the test was positive, it was no surprise. Then make matters worse, when I conveyed all that I went through to my Doc, she discovered I developed a stomach ulcer from all the throwing up…which compromised the lining of stomach.

I am just thankful I had someone to help me through this and he refused to quarantine. This is no child’s play and NO it’s not the damn flu! I can share this journey with you all now that I am in my recovery stage. I will end with some cold hard facts: washing your hand 50 times a day, wearing a mask, wearing gloves, 6 feet social distance, etc are GUIDELINES to help you keep safe. But the truth is you will never know when and how you will become exposed. It is not to scare anyone, but more so to be prepared. Importantly, it is not a death sentence and I thank God, my body had enough in it to fight the good fight and I feel blessed to be released from the dark side.