New Jamaican Restaurant in Dover UK a Sold-Out Hit with Patrons

Jerk N’ Tingz, a new Jamaican restaurant in Dover, sold out within its first week of operations. As the newest addition to the thriving food scene in Dover, the restaurant serves authentic Jamaican cuisine but still provided some surprises for reviewers who were not sure what to expect. When they visited the eatery for the first time, they found that the eatery was not chiefly a takeaway venue. The owners adapted their business to accommodate the growing number of diners who wanted to book tables and bring in large parties. They changed the layout so that there is more space for sit-down diners looking for a casual meal.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, and the décor is colorful and bright, done in hues of yellow and blue. The appealing exterior of the restaurant was cited as one of the reasons for its sold-out status.

According to chef Matthew Bare, 34, it was difficult for the first week to determine how much to cook as they totally sold out by the evening of the first day in business. They had to be closed the following day, and the day after that, they were again sold out by early evening. “It was crazy,” he said, adding that he did not have any real idea of how the restaurant would be received by the locals, but found the response overwhelming.

The most popular dishes at Jerk N’ Tingz are its jerk chicken and goat curry, although the vegan dish of pulled jack fruit has also been in great demand, and while the menu is small, it offers sufficient choice to please any dietary requirement. The inventive chefs are adapt specific items to order when requested. Staple items on the menu include man n’ cheese, plantain wedges, and rice and peas.

Diners find one of the differences between other Caribbean restaurants in the area and Jerk N’ Tingz is that the new eatery does not serve its goat or oxtail on the bone, so the dishes are easy to handle and enjoy. The jerk chicken remains on the bone, however, to preserve its full flavor.

Overall, the response to the trendy new dining spot is likely to mark a change in the food scene in Dover, which is already home to some very good restaurants. The success of Jerk N’ Tingz could spark greater attention to Dover as a culinary destination.

Photo Source: Facebook