Now There is a Mac n’ Cheese Jamaican Patty, Would You Try It?

It is now possible for diners in Toronto to enjoy the famous Jamaican patties with a cheddar crust stuffed with mac n’ cheese.

The Patty Stop is collaborating with Street Bites, a patty delivery service, on a new line of Jamaican patties that include the mac n’ cheese innovation, along with vegan patties that feature a crust dyed with beet juice to make it bright red. The Patty Stop continually experiments to create new taste options for its customers, and it has successfully attracted the attention of super popstar Drake, who shared a photo of a patty from the Patty Stop that he loved on social media. The Patty Stop is well known for its loaded, stuffed patties, which can also be enjoyed served in coco bread.

The Patty Stop’s partner, Street Bites, was started by Tony Bradshaw, a native of Barbados who is also the force behind Street Shak. Bradshaw has worked at venues including 360 at the CN Tower and the Morton’s of Chicago Steakhouse.

Diners can now order their patties online for pickup or delivery, baked or frozen, individually or by the dozen in flavor options that include, in addition to the mac n’ cheese, patty, the classic beef patty, the curry chicken patty, jerk chicken patty, and the fully vegan BBQ jackfruit patty made with pulled jackfruit, Bahan green seasoning, and a scotch bonnet pepper BBQ sauce in a beet crust.

The Patty Stop experienced an enormous boost with Drake’s Instagram endorsement of its food, according to the restaurant’s owner Freddy Gyebi, who has been a friend of the pop star for some time. The increase in business has been welcomed as the restaurant was suffering from a drop in customers due to COVID-19. While Gyebi notes that he does not have a culinary background, he and co-owner Jason Cheddie say that their product stands out because of the love they put into it. They use only quality ingredients, and everything is homemade.

The Patty Stop is not alone in devising new and tasty approaches to the traditional Jamaican patty. Patties of many different types are available now, including fish patties, callaloo patties, soy patties, beef-and-cheese patties, and vegetarian and vegan patties, in addition to the traditional beef option.

Photo – Street Bites