The Top 10 Ken Boothe Songs

The Jamaican singer Ken Boothe is widely known for his timbre and vibrato. He was born in Denham Town of Kingston on March 22, 1948. During his time at Denham Primary Elementary School, he developed a keen interest in music. He was inspired and encouraged by his elder sister, Hyacinth Clover, who happened to be an established singer at the time. Another established singer known as Stranger Cole lived next door to Boothe. In the 60s, Cole arranged an audition for Boothe with Duke Reid’s Studios, which was a breakthrough for Ken.

The audition was a huge success. Cole and Boothe went on to perform the song “Unos Dos Tres” and formed a duo named “Stranger & Ken.” In 1966, Ken was signed by the Studio One Label, where he released his first ever solo track. Songs such as “The Train Is Coming,” “Lonely Teardrops,” and “You Are No Good” with Soulettes made him an immediate success. In the 70s, Boothe continued to make an impact with his songs, such as “Crying Over You,” which made it onto the UK Singles Chart. The Jamaican government awarded him the Order of Distinction in 2003 for the contribution he made to Jamaican music.

1. Everything I Own:

2. Is It Because I’m Black?:

3. Let the Water Run Dry:

4. Why Me Lord:

5. Speak Softly Love:

6. Crying Over You:

7. Set Me Free:

8. Walk Away From Love:

9. You’re No Good:

10. Can’t You See:

Honorable Mentions:

11. Moving Away:

12. The Train Is Coming:

13. Black Gold & Green:

Image Courtesy: Facebook @Ken Boothe