This Jamaican Chef’s Restaurant Named One of Top Fried Chicken Spots in the United States

Chef Nicola Blaque received national recognition for her culinary skills recently as her restaurant, The Jerk Shack, in San Antonio, Texas, was ranked Number 4 on the prestigious “Eat This, Not That” ranking of the best fried chicken eateries in the United States. Chef Blaque was born in Jamaica and raised there until she was five years old. Her inclusion among the best fried chicken spots in the US was the second national recognition for Blaque’s “jerk shack.” The restaurant has been featured on the popular  “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” series on the Food Network.

Expressions of gratitude

The team at The Jerk Shack immediately posted the honor to Instagram to express their thanks for the recognition and their goals of sharing their Caribbean heritage through food and encouraging community connections. Chef Blaque noted her surprise, saying, “Who would’ve thought our little Caribbean restaurant would be recognized on two national platforms for best fried chicken in America?”

Chef’s dedication to inclusivity

Chef Blaque is noted for fostering an environment that is inclusive and accessible to all. The owners of the restaurant highlighted her dedication to these values and to her mission of providing Caribbean cuisine that can be enjoyed by people from diverse backgrounds. She added fried chicken to her menu in 2022 to expand the restaurant’s appeal in a reflection of the chef’s commitment to serving her local community.

This Jamaican Chefs Restaurant Named One of Top Fried Chicken Spots in the United States Chef Nicola Blaqu 2

Culinary achievements

The achievements of Chef Blaque go beyond The Jerk Shack restaurant. She has been recognized as one of the best restauranteurs by StarChefs and named to the Rising Star list for the Austin-San Antonio area. In 2023, she expanded her food empire by launching Freight Fried Chicken, an enterprise created to honor the resilience of Black women who supported themselves by selling fried chicken to passengers traveling through the South by train after America’s Civil War.

Committed to preserving culture

Chef Blaque displays a strong commitment to the preservation of Black and Caribbean cultures and their history. She continually invites the patrons of her restaurant to enjoy her excellent menu items along with the fascinating stories associated with each dish. She shows a special passion for introducing diners to the rich flavors of the Caribbean.

Photo – Chef Blaque