Top 6 Things Jamaican Fathers Say

Top 6 Things Jamaican Fathers Say

Jamaican fathers guide the lives of their children with their leadership, strong opinions and some great one-liners. They do it all with love.  Here are a list of the top 6 things Jamaican fathers say. Feel free to add things your Jamaican father says. Also see the top 16 things Jamaican mothers say.

1. Mek Haste/Urry Up (Make Haste/Hurry Up)
Jamaican fathers use this term to get you moving. It is used most often when you are late getting dressed and they are waiting on you.

2. Tap Waste Currant/Tap Waste Watah (Stop Wasting Electricity/Stop Wasting Water)
Jamaican fathers usually use this when the TV or Computer is left unattended or you are taking a long shower.

6 Things Jamaican Fathers Say

3. Yuh Ah Eediat (Are You An Idiot?)
There is no room for foolishness with Jamaican fathers. They will call you out when you are doing something silly or foolish.

4. Guh ask yuh maddah (Go Ask Your Mother)
The best way to avoid making a decision. It is also used to avoid talking about things like sex, menstrual cycles, and other sensitive topics.

5. Guh Fi Di Belt (Go For The Belt)
Do you remember your father sending you to get the belt he would discipline you with. You would walk slowly to get the belt and then you would hear him say “Mek haste an bring it before yuh get double lick”

6. Nuh Mek Mi Spit Dry An Yuh Nuh Done (Don’t Let My Spit Dry And You Are Not Finished)
Fathers waiting outside would spit on the ground and threaten by saying “don’t let the spit dry” and you are not finished with the task given. In most cases it was used as a way to intimidate you to quickly finish a task.

Top 6 Things Jamaican Fathers Say

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