Usain Bolt Rated as “Ultimate Superhuman”

Jamaica’s eight-time Olympic champion, former sprinter, and current footballer Usain Bolt has been rated as the “Ultimate Superhuman” in a study of 2,000 adult humans performed to coincide with the return to television of “The Gifted.” The FOX program partnered with Greg Whyte, former Olympian and Professor of Physiology, to create an “anatomical blueprint” developed from the qualities possessed by individuals identified as “real-life superhumans.” Bolt, 32, was listed as Number 1 on the Top 10 list of so-called superhumans, with British marathon champion Sir Mo Farah taking second place. In third place was naturalist Sir David Attenborough, who received his ranking due to his “encyclopedic knowledge of nature.” In fourth and fifth places, respectively, are the legendary tennis champions Roger Federer and Serena Williams. Rounding out the top ten in order are Michael Phelps, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lionel Messi, and JK Rowling. To create his list, Whyte analyzed the anatomy and neurological features of more than 50 “real-life superhuans.” He then joined with Chris Hart, a digital illustrator, to use the results of this analysis to construct a biological structure that accounted for elements ranging from the time it takes for the brain to process input to physical characteristics and motor functions. He concluded that the “ultimate superhuman,” as constructed, would have legs like Bot, which have fast-twitch muscle fibers that have the capability that allows him to accelerate faster than 99.9 percent of the general population.

Source: The Sun